Welcome to CP Metal Crafters

Established in 1997 and benefiting from over two decades of experience in the field, CP Metal Crafters continues to serve North Carolina's welding and machining needs. Located in Grover, NC, we're proud to serve customers across the region, around the nation, and overseas including Asheville NC, Gaffney SC, Charlotte NC, Spartanburg SC, Greenville SC, Anderson SC, and many more in the USA. We also serve customers in TX, OH, IN, PA, as well as businesses overseas in the UK, China, and Taiwan.

Unlike Most Fabrication Shops

We serve a wide spectrum of companies spanning a multitude of industries which gives us unique, valuable experience that most fabrication shops can't earn.

We are currently fabricating structural steel, tanks, feed bins, large scale framing, pump skids and industrial trailers to name a few. We also specialize in stainless steel and aluminum, fabrication, and welding. To find out more about our capabilities and to see how our staff of experts can benefit your project, please call us today at 704-482-0957.